Thermal Camera for School

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Thermal Camera for School

Covid19 spreads faster in densely populated places, which has put most public institutions like schools on high alert. As a school administrator or school owner, it’s your responsibility to enforce measures to keep students, teachers, and other staff from infection. Early detection of infected individuals is one of the most efficient ways of curbing the spread of coronavirus.

At Thermal Scan Camera, we have designed a thermal camera for school environments that makes it easy to spot staff, students, and anyone else in the premises who have elevated body temperature, a main symptom of the virus. By placing the thermal camera at entrances, you can keep potentially contagious people from getting into the school until they have been cleared through further medical tests. Using our thermal camera and other safety measures can help you keep your school and everyone inside protected from the virus.

How to Keep Your School COVID-19 Free

By following the guidelines offered by health agencies such as the World Health Organization, you can greatly minimize the risk of the virus spreading in your school. Here are some of the safety measures that you should use:

  • Maintain High Levels of Hygiene

Encourage students, teachers, support staff, and anyone else in the school to wash their hands regularly with clean water, soap, or use hand sanitizers. Provide them with several hand washing stations at multiple areas within the school to make sure that they do this as frequently as possible. Perform cleaning and disinfection of all school surfaces in classrooms, offices, lunchrooms, and bathrooms. Also, all the equipment used in sports and class learning, windows, and doors should be disinfected.

  • Practice Social Distancing

In classrooms, students should maintain at least a meter between their desks. If possible, reduce class sizes to reduce crowding. Cancel events such as games and assemblies that would otherwise bring students into close contact with each other.

  • Introduce Flexible Sick Leave Policies

All students and members of staff exhibiting symptoms of respiratory illness should be encouraged to stay at home to monitor their situation. They should not come back to school until their symptoms have disappeared, or they have been cleared by medical professionals to be of sound health. In case there’s a spike of absenteeism in relation to respiratory illness symptoms, contact health authorities to determine whether there could be an outbreak in your school.

  • Provide Relevant Information

Keep your staff and students updated on the latest information concerning the prevention and control of COVID-19 provided by reputable sources such as the ministry of health and WHO. False information is bound to spread among students due to online exposure. This should be addressed to avoid cases where some people fail to take precautions under the belief that they cannot be infected.

Keeping Your School Safe

As part of keeping your school environment safe, our thermal camera for school will help you to minimize the risk of contagious people gaining access to your institution. We have portable cameras that can be moved from one area to another, depending on the demand. Give us a call today on 1-866-669-3669 to find out more about the solutions that our cameras offer.

Thermal Camera for School

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