Thanks for coming by to check out my work. This is an experimental series of 15 photographs. They are one of a kind, and as a result very rare. Please take the time to read the details about this series.

All NFTs can be purchased through this link.

-5 new photographs will be released each week for 3 weeks.

-This project incorporates NFTs (Non-fungible token), 35mm Negatives, and physical photographic archival prints. (size is approximately 16×24 inches)

-When you buy an NFTs from Open Sea you will be given a one of a kind code that verifies you are the owner. You can then email that code to me along with a shipping address and I will send you the 35mm negative and a physical print of your NFT. (only the original purchaser of the NFT will receive the physical items)

-This body of work is one of a kind and will never be reprinted, sold, or reproduced by me.

-This project exists because I wanted to experiment with ideas of complete ownership of both digital and physical works of art.

-Please reach out if you have and questions, concerns, or want to work on NFT collaborations.

Please visit OpenSea to Purchase NFTs

First Week Release 3.30.21

Second Week Release 4.8.21

Third Week Release 4.15.21

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